Twitter Troll: Fashion Week Hives, Grades, and New Non-Mullet Wardrobes

JonnyMakeup: " - September is like New Years for Fashion and New Looks. Lookin back and LOLin' at my old when i have a 15 inch mullet WEAVE!!!" You rock those extensions, Jonny.
McQueenWorld: "Preparing for Vogue's Fashion Night Out - 3 days to go. Join us in our NY and London boutiques for Champagne and shopping on the 10th." Oh Alex! How'd you ever guess our two favorite things?
elanafishman: "9:30 on a Monday morn and I already have stress-induced hives. Fantastic." Jason Wu assistant, and workoholic Elana Brooke needs some Benadryl, stat!
mattkays: "maybe i should've been a teacher. i'm starting to grade my coworkers' fashion week performance on an A-F scale." Seven House PR guru's thisclose to doling out time out's.
designmilk: "Sneaker Freaker Headset: Sneaker devotees will be all over these Sneaker Freaker inspired ear buds. Sooooooooo h.." We'll pass the word on to Richard Chai.
beckadiamond: "Schillers starts it all, see u this week to all my lovelies, dying to meet @fashionista_com, @refinery29, and more, come say hi xo" Hello! We'll be the ones double fisting at all the shows.
DitaVonTeese: "The pain of feather fan dancing is setting in. What's that soft part between thumb & finger called? It sucks when that hurts!" Can we start calling it the finger weenus? The feenus?
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