Twitter Troll: Fashion Week Diet, Fashion Week Secrets, And Fashion Week Stresses

BatGiovanna: " - My JFK menu :-)" Good thinking, Giovanna. We fully support this well-balanced meal. We're sure Tina Fey would be proud.
henryholland: "we have about 30 finished pieces. only about 30 to go. great." Oh, no sweat for 3 days...*gulp,* right?
womensweardaily: At Marchesa, Harvey Weinstein to Anna Wintour: "Are you guys going to the Oscars?" Wintour: "No we will be stuck in the trenches in Paris." Hmm both options seem very appealing right now.
Derekblasberg: My biggest #nyfw tip? The subway. I can get from my couch to my seat at the Tents in 12min on a good day on the B-D-F. I'll miss Bryant Park" We made it from the office to the tents in 18 minutes. This should be an Olympic sport.
bunnyBisous: "Dear Mother Bunny/Nature/etc.: May I please awake each morn w/ hair à la Farrah fluff at Phillip Lim (compliments of my love Odile Gilbert)?" We couldn't agree more. Oh, but in a perfect world...
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