Twitter Troll: Fashion Disasters, Gemma's Return, and Rachey Roy and Her Shorty

Rachel_Roy: " - Pic from last night. My brother is a smarty, but cutie right? FYI, he is not the shortie in the center. -RR" One of the better awkward group photos we've seen.
Grazia_Live: "Shock horror! Is this the worst fashion month ever?" We're confused as to how a pair of trousers that have been described with the words "pants wetting" and "female reproductive organs" ever reached the legs of poor Leighton Meester.
LHearst: "Words and their definitions can change over the course of time. For instance, let's look at the word "Socialite"" Socialite circa 1970: A socially prominent individual. Socialite circa 2009: Have had their T&A photographed and gets free Herve Leger to wear.
Fashionista_com: "Who wants Gemma Ward for their campaign?" We do! Will 2010 see the return of the Ward?
peaches_g: "Just found a can of mace and @jessejjenkins and I are considering macing each other to see what actually happens. Pain level wise. Hmm..." A testament to natural selection.
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