Twitter Troll: Fancy ANTM, Halle's Dirty Laundry, And Double Rainbow Fashion

cmbenz: " - Working on SS11 colors ... whew!" There are enough colors in there for at least two rainbows. Double rainbow!
ByrdieBell: "Back on the vain train. Got ass kicked by trainer and now some seated hair repair at Fekkai with Reyad." Ass and hair...what a full body experience!.
Gawker: "America's Next Top Model Attempts to Get Fancy" So.... 'smile with your eyes' isn't the sole key to industry success?
StyleListSays: "Halle Berry's ex Gabriel Aubry gets naked to sell sheets and towels. Do these photos make you want to buy them?" Only if he comes over to test them out with us.
OscarPRGirl: "Grilled cheese = kryptonite" You're one of us, too!?

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