Twitter Troll: The Ronsons Take Las Vegas, Eli Roth As Teddy Ruxpin, And Van Halen May Reunite!

cjronson: "Best b-day!! RT @BorgataAC: Awesome birthday party at MIXX on Sat 4 @samantharonson & w/ @iamMarkRonson
peaches_g: "I love dating a living, breathing Teddy Ruxpin." And we thought Eli Roth seemed pretty badass in Inglorious Basterds.
bunnyBISOUS: "Genuinely not looking forward to the forthcoming fashion month hoopla. #notintheslightest #notthatiamtakinganythingforgranted" Whatever you say Julia, we're still excited to see the quirky style choices you'll assuredly pull through with.
FILTERmagazine: "News : Possible Van Halen Tour,LP In 2011" Yes! A perfect place to debut the new perm trend.
nytimesarts: "'Entourage' to End Next Summer" Shock and horror! At least our Sunday night's can be devoted entirely to True Blood, now.
whitneyEVEport: "Went to market w/ $10. Needed milk, 8 ears of corn. Added in 4 packs of gum, had to take out two but cashier lent me 25 cents. Thanks pauls!" It must be the blond hair and good looks, Whit.

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