Twitter Troll: eBay Flips, The Day After, and Jersey Shore in NYC

iamamayzing: "Here it is!!!!!! Hahahahahahhahah!!!" Hurry now towards the LES, the cast of the Jersey Shore might still be there!
garancedore: ""I am trying to chew my lunch but my face is frozen" just texted me Scott" We'd give him a thumbs up for his text, but our mittens are too thick.
evachen212: "the Teen Vogue Handbook that contains my blood, sweat, tears, and inspiration is #3 on the @nytimes bestseller list!" For any of you looking to get into fashion, this book will be a helluva lot more useful than a season of The Hills.
henryholland: "people paying three times the price of HOH tights on ebay. I WISH we still had some left in the bleedin studio!" So do we. :(
VICEMAG: "So is today supposed to be a real day or what?" That's a good question—and we're on our fifth cup of coffee trying to figure it out.
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