Twitter Troll: Coco’s Fan, NY’s Fuel, And Who Really Wears Deep V-Necks

Oh_So_Coco: "Introducing: My biggest fan!!! -" Let's just hope it doesn't show its appreciation of your work by using it as potty paper later.
AggyDeyn: "I'm wondering if your dreaming about me when I'm dreaming about you" Perhaps Agyness learned a little something about sentimental one-liners from her ex, musician/songwriter Albert Hammond Jr.
ByrdieBell: "Back in the city! First order of business... Go back out to the country! Kidding, getting coffee" Forget gas stations, New Yorkers run on a different kind of fuel.
fashionpirate: "This cloud I'm staring at looks like Squirtle. #importantfactsfromMiami" #welovePokemonreferences
derekblasberg: "I used to think only douchebags wore those REALLY deep V-neck T-shirts. But it is so hot right now, I wish I was in a plunging neckline too." Feel the breeze in your chest hair, Derek!

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