Twitter Troll: CK1, Nigerian Hackers, And Hilary Rhoda The Magazine-Worm

NylonMag: "would you relive the '90s with the new 'ck one' clothing line?" Or course!
ShopItToMe: "Bedbugs found in more NYC department stores! Are you shopping online more to avoid the bugs?" Shopping online and then rocking back and forth in the fetal position next to a bottle of Clorax are our new favorite activities!
MikeNouveau: "I just spoke to @TheMiszuk's Nigerian hacker on the phone for 12 minutes! He claims to be the world's greatest hacker!" Tell the guy to stop emailing us.
mattirwinlondon: "Vitamin D is so underrated" Blame it on the vampires.
HilaryHRhoda: "At the newsstand in the airport and realized I've read every one of this month's magazines. Guess I'll have to find a good book in here!" We bet that Rhoda was that kid who had read every single book on the summer reading list, too.

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