Twitter Troll: Chicken Soup, Chicken Fights, and Sardines Are the Trendy Fish For Fall

Jess_Stam: "At home cooking chicken soup. Thanks for the tips mom xoxo" Model Jessica Stam falls into that elite category of women who can look stunning while sick, wearing a green hoodie, and cooking over a hot stove (of course, our mothers are in that club, too).
SHOWstudio: "Being crushed outside a venue once again. Sardines are always fashionable." Hear that, ladies? Time to bust out your tomato sauce accessories.
ELLEUK: "Gwyneth Paltrow at Stella. So is Twiggy." Ooh! Showdown of the passive aggressive lady-blondes!
ItsOnAlexa: "new episodes return oct. 19 at 3:30pm. raise your hand if you're excited."" They're raised! They're raised!
StevenRojas: "@dizzyblazeberg @TheMisshapes This was on my camera" Spoiler: It's a 4 second looped video of Rojas, Lezark, Lanphear and Blasberg in a strange game of nightclub chicken. Play nice, kiddos!
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