Twitter Troll: Cannes Jealousy, Dina’s Legacy, And The Breakfast Of Champions

iD_magazine: "Editor Ben Reardon & Deputy Editor Holly Shackleton have just returned from Cannes. We are so jealous:" Even our green monsters are green with jealousy.
lindsaylohan: "congratulations to my brother graduating top of his class! he's so brilliant & im SO proud of him!! yay Mikey! @dinamlohan raised us well!" Yay Mikey! Now prove those smarts and change your last name!
LHearst: "No matter where I move to, someone is always doing construction on the other side of the wall... I can't escape it... So annoying [3^P" Drooling, sleepy-eyed man with a unibrow and a nose job? Our sentiments exactly!
vanityfairmag: "Today in Things That May Accelerate Cancer: Sunscreen" So we're pretty much all screwed, huh?
derekblasberg: "My goodness, the volcanic ash has done wonderful things to London's weather. All sun and summer and toplessness over here. Thanks, Iceland!" You scientists can draw a direct correlation between ashy volcanoes and topless Brits. Here's evidence!

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