Twitter Troll: Byrdie RX, Kenneth Cole Wants Friends, and Rachel Roy Blingin'

Y_S_L: " - The Croisière Femme 2010 Collection is arriving in our boutiques. See a preview by Stefano Pilati" Sigh, a girl can dream, right? YSL we love you even though our wallet's don't.
Rachel_Roy: " - Met w/@EstelleDarlings today to go over the samples for Spring 2010. Can't wait to share a sneak peek w/you! - RR" Girl, send some of that bling our way!! Pretty please?
vmagazine: "In a meeting with Ford, it's Model Search time and we're discussing YOU. Brush that hair, stretch those legs, and stay tuned! @fordmodels" Discussing US? Aw, shucks—we knew all that stretching in yoga would totally pay off...
viceuk: "Does your family give gifts on Halloween? Cos i just found something all the kids could chip in for Also works on x-mas." We can't decide if this is convenient or just downright creepy....
womensweardaily: "Kenneth Cole told an audience at FIT, 'By the way, I can use more Facebook friends and more followers on Twitter' : " Kenneth, we hate to break it to ya, but that ain't gonna up your coolness factor.
ByrdieBell: "The pharmacist just asked for my name and then asked if I was calling to fill a prescription for an animal" A little Byrdie causes confusion.
stefanogabbanna: "10am. Meeting for woman collection...3pm. Call steven klein for a.c." Stefano's twitinerary...we're loving this newbie's silly twits.
ItsOnAlexa: "RT @MTVBuzzworthy: Sorry, Alexa. Can't Tweet now. Watching this Beavis and Butthead 'TP for my bunghole' episode." *Beavis: [as Cornholio] Do you have T.P. for my bunghole? I would hate for my holio to get polio.

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