Twitter Troll: Roy's Bedhead, Fashion Fantasy Websites, And Cookie Monster's Willpower

Rachel_Roy: "Shooting resort - love the colors, lip and hair. Inspired from a dream. -RR" Funny—this is what our hair looks like while we're fast asleep dreaming, too!
whitneyEVEport: Thinking it may be time to finally get Facebook. What do you think?" Honey, if our mothers have them, it's time for you to, also.
BarackObama: "The time has come for this nation to fully embrace a clean energy future, and I will work with anyone from either party to get this done." Amen, Mr. President!
NaomiNevitt: "Ugh! There should be a website where you draw a shoe or provide a picture and it tells you where you can buy it. This is going to haunt me!" When you find this magical fashion holy grail, please let us know.
sesamestreet: "Cookie: Me trying not to eat cookies today. It just "mind over matter". But me can't stand it! Me losing me mind! And it don't matter!" Embrace your cookie cravings. That's what we're doing in the office today!

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