Twitter Troll: BBM Dealbreaker, Reykjavik Fashion Fest, And Cobra Dreams Of Girls On Bikes

thecobrasnake: "Cute girls on bikes is a dream come true" The only reason we ride bikes with baskets is so we can pose for street style photogs. Seriously.
fashionpirate: "Colt and Morrissey and hair dye and kittens! Life is good, very good." We're imagining a malt liquor-fueled Smiths bleach-fest. And kittens.
aliwise: "I don't like when guys say "hehe". I think its a deal breaker. Or when they want to bbm u early on,be a man and pick up the phone." BBM is always a dealbreaker, unless he's a rapper.
facehunter: "Reykjavik Fashion Festival - finally a FW where I'm the streetstyle photog Fresh Icelandic Faces To See on" Make sure you get shots of the aurora borealis to go with those ethereal faces.
bryanboy: "AWW BOLLOCKS TO ALL THIS SHIT. THE FUTURE OF PUBLISHING (ME) JUST SHARED THIS TO YOU ON TWITTER (*grins*)" Hubris hasn't done anyone in publishing any good since 1987.

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