Twitter Troll: Alexa H8's MTV Bathrooms, Christian Siriano <3's Shoes, and Harley Viera Newton Iz So Famuz!!!

christian-siriano-payless-twitterThe Chungster reveals MTV's hidden secrets.
alexa_chung: the loos on the 23rd floor fill me with fear. the fact that the cubicles are hot pink doesn't make them any less menacing. always a disaster
Ah. Hipsters and sarcasm, an ironclad relationship. Mark Hunter demonstrates.
thecobrasnake: @harleyvnewton shit. U coming to los angeles. I really have been dying to meet you in person. You are so famous
Apparently, mourning with an emoticon is a Do.
viceuk: Les Paul? :(
We're excited too, baby boy. Fierce! Tranny fierce!
csiriano: - excited soon to launch my first collection of shoes with payless!
It's good to know that we're not alone in Internet suckage today.
nitro_licious: if u're experiencing difficulty on my blog, sorry! i've outgrown my traffic, time to upgrade to a more powerful server. not complaining!
Newts on a Plane!
harleyvnewton: - Internet on planes is soooo cool. There's even a power outlet. I could live up here.

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