Twitter Troll: ABCs with Giovanni, Vampire Weekend and Sasha, and Peaches’ Car Accident

BatGiovanna: " - ....G I O .... (Shoes writing )" One of the funnest (and most expensive—those are Louboutins!) ways to learn you ABCs.
NaomiNevitt: "Amazing! VW pose with Sasha!" Y SO SRS, VW?
fiercegrandma: ""The resulting buttocks-exposing mini-dresses and heart-shaped nipple pasties were not deemed a success by fashion critics" Bonnie Morrison retweets one of the most beloved quotes about dear Lindsay's missteps.
peaches_g: "Just actually experienced a full on car carsh with the IDGAF crew. Wow, I guess we really don't GAF." If car accidents aren't in Peaches' "Give a Fuck" column, we're a little interested as to what is.
henryholland: "See a hot man approching... He smiles... Look down... He's carrying CAT LITTER. No thanks." Henry Holland: Not into pussies.
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