Twitter Troll: A 20 Foot Anne V, Standarde Nightmares, and Rachel Zoe's Purse Debris

annevyalitsyna: "Omg!Nothing more exciting than having a huge billboard in the middle of soho! Even I'm almost naked in it..who cares" Brava, lady!
papermagazine: "Disappointed with New York re: gay marriage, and the eight democrats who voted against it" Watch this.
InStyle: "The hottest celebrity hairstyles of 2009!" We'll save you the trouble, and just let you know that according to hot celebrities, if you do not have bangs, you probably should just admit yourself to Social Hair Pariah-land.
StanDarde: "Is it normal to have nightmares about not being able to tell the difference between Mary-Kate and Ashley?" As normal as it is for hotels to have dreams.
mrbradgoreski: "Also @rzrachelzoe was looking for a diamond on a platinum chain and lo and behold she remembered she had one in her wallet. R u kidding me?" We'll trade you our loose tic tacs and spare change for what's on the bottom of Rachel's wallet.
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