Twitter Troll: 9-Year-Old Bloggers, What Would Jesus Wear, And A Chris Brown Photo Op Snafu

womensweardaily: "Controversial R&B singer Chris Brown mugged for an ill-advised photo opp with a (faux) bloody-faced Jean Paul Gaultier." This was definitely a "he he he he" moment for Gaultier.
garancedore: " - Bloggers have broken the double digits: 9 year old now front row ! (And working!)" Nice. She even brought her nice crown to take notes with!
themoment: "What would Jesus wear? If he shopped at Givenchy, mandals, black stockings, kilt shorts and a gold crown of thorns necklace. AL #PFW" Holy water and beard sold separately.
LHearst: "J'adore L'Oreal. In moving left all cosmetics at home & just picked up everything L'Oreal for porcelain skin. Perfection" Extra, Extra! Read All About It! Socialite Wears Drugstore Brand Makeup!
AskMrMickey: "Okay so sometimes I have been known to wear a ladies blouse. And handbag. And rarely a dress over pants." Git it, Mr. Mickey!
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