Twitter: Nerdy Models, Nerdy Us, and Courtney Love To Look (More) Like An Older Taylor Momsen

darcie_517: " - 330lbs of bikinis, accessories and props for shoot #2. No, that does not include the models ;)" No fair, Sports Illustrated. You told the joke we were going to tell!
WhoWhatWear: "Top Five: Chunky Chokers: Whether they're bright and bulky or full and fierce, the chunky choker is poised to be.." What? How is the Hulk not included in the Violent Fatsos list?
InsideDVF: "Looking for unique names for the pieces in our SPRING 2010 collection, of course... suggestions?" This is going to do nothing for our street cred, but Game Theory terminology (Chicken, Prisoner's Dilemma, Shadow of the Future) has always held a special place in our hearts. How rad do they sound?
shopbop: "Introducing Sauce: Trendsetting, Affordable Staples from the Designer Behind Pencey" The last time we wore sauce, we sort of ruined dinner.
courtneylover79: "Getting my hair downtown blonde saw a VERY cute pic of Taylor Momson in @hot ( Heat) like if me and Gwyneth had a Baby."It's a big moment, you guys. Taylor Momsen's I'm-A-Real-Rockstar initiative has finally been recognized.
dreelovechild: "im officially a born again loser... ive googled "harry potter terminology" and found the most genius glossary of terms... i might use them" Only Muggles would make fun of you, Dree. Next time someone calls you a loser, call them "Hagrid's...Buttcrack" right back.
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