Shelter Animals Are Finding Homes Thanks To #TrumpYourCat

Take one hilarious meme, combine it with a plethora of adorable, adoptable animals in San Francisco, and you’ve got yourself a winning campaign. Say hello to #TrumpYourCat — the latest craze one Bay Area shelter is using to get more and more animals into loving homes.
Animal Care & Control San Francisco has been "Trumping" animals, ranging from cats and dogs to rabbits and chickens, that are awaiting adoption. Kathy Hentges and Daniela Wenzlow, two volunteers with ACC, started the project after being inspired by the #TrumpYourCat phenomenon.
"Shelter animals — and shelters — are so often seen as sad and depressing. This has helped to show people that shelter staff, volunteers (and animals!) can have a sense of humor and have fun while still doing difficult work," Deb Campbell of Animal Care & Control tells Refinery29. "It makes us feel great to do two important things — make people smile and find animals homes."
Since 2011, #TrumpYourCat has taken social media by storm, and by the looks of it, the meme will only continue to trend as Donald Trump’s presidential campaign rolls on.
While pets may not be thrilled with the #TrumpYourCat trend (cue the Grumpy Cat faces), you’re bound to wind up with some priceless photos. Besides, who can really resist cute animals in blond wigs? The answer is no one.