This Trompe L’oeil Tote Wants To Conceal Your Turkey Tummy

Oof. We are still feeling the effects of Thanksgiving, and as you well know, with all those holiday drinks and morsels ahead of us, the muffin-topping is only going to get more extreme from here on out. Sensible folks would exercise more or, perhaps, steer clear of carbs between celebrations. But sensible we are not, so Incredible Thing's post on the Contour Canvas Bag by Mollaspace has drawn our crazy, crazy eyes. Simply by slipping it over your shoulder, you can create the effect of a slimmed-down profile (the eerily perfect breasts being a generous fringe benefit.)
Now, all we have to do is rock one of these, and people with mild to severe myopia will be impressed with our dangerous, 2-dimensional curves all season long. (Incredible Things)

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