How To Get Flawless Hair Color For Fall

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First, you exchange your open-toe sandals and summer rompers for boots and cashmere. Then, you make the transition to fall with your hair and makeup. For many women, this is an annual practice.
The cooler months typically mean you'll be spending less time outdoors, which will inevitably lead to a fade in your summer glow. To avoid looking washed out, you may need to give yourself a seasonal hair makeover. Unlike switching out your closet, though, changing your hair color with the new season isn't always as intuitive. Making the right transition depends a lot on your current coloring and skin tones, but with my suggestions, you should be able to take your hair from summer to fall with relative ease.
Glosses and lowlights are the two most effective techniques for making the move. You can get either of these treatments in a variety of shades and multiple tones, and you might even opt for both. Since I can't give each of you a personal consultation, you'll have to see which of the descriptions ahead best suits you and go from there, either with the help of your stylist or on your own.
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Blondes Blondes who tend to get white and ashy after lots of time in the sun should opt for a light-golden-blonde gloss to produce a beautiful, buttery appearance that also restores richness and shine. Women with light-brown hair should opt for a chocolate-brown gloss, which will kill any brassy tones that have developed, leaving behind a luscious luster.
Very light blondes who are also fair-skinned with pink undertones in their complexion would be better off skipping the gloss (which could make rosy skin look flushed) and going straight for lowlights. I suggest asking your colorist to do a subtle dark-blonde lowlight on the top layer of your hair, which is where the sun usually does the most damage. The result? A sandy-blonde shade with tonality and depth that creates contrast between your skin and hair, while the deeper shade simultaneously enhances light eyes even more.

An espresso glaze is what I recommend for dark brunettes. These glosses neutralize orange, rusty tones and restore the glass-like shine often associated with this dark-brown hair color.

Girls who tan easily and who have olive skin tones should try doing a warm gloss. Gold glosses, which boost shine and deposit lost warmth back to washed-out ends in minutes, work for every hair color. The gold gloss you choose should be based on your skin tone, eye color, and the level of darkening you're looking to achieve.

I often like to do a golden copper gloss on my redhead clients since their hair tends to lose its vibrancy following summer. This gloss helps keep their red color bold and bright without looking artificial or neon-hued.

Your colorist should be able to decide the level of darkness and warmth that's right for you in just seconds. But, if you choose not to see a stylist for your fall transition, you have a bevy of at-home glosses and lowlights to choose from, no matter what color you're looking for. When in doubt you can dilute an at-home gloss with your conditioner for color-treated hair, and if you like the results, you can go for a full-strength application next time. And, if you're still nervous, many DIY brands have 800 numbers or hot lines on the side of the box or bottle that you can call to help you make the right choices.

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