20 Times Toronto Killed The Style Game

Photographed by Jenna Marie Wakani.
We've all experienced that summer day, when the temp is upward of 80, the air so sticky we have a permanent sweat 'stache, and wearing clothes sounds like the absolute worst. But since going naked in public isn't an option, we get by with clothing that doesn't feel like clothing — those loose, drapey styles that barely touch our bodies, catch welcome breezes, and protect our skin from sticking to every surface. And, fortunately for us, casual is au courant. The challenge, of course, is styling these effortless, oft-oversized pieces in ways that won't swallow us whole or appear sloppy.
We could look to the obvious fashion destinations for inspiration, but one city in particular has been on our radar as a burgeoning style hub: Toronto. Between its thriving indie designer scene and the heavy '90s and skater influences found within this bike-commuter culture, we knew we could count on our northern neighbor to deliver. So with the help of Destination Canada, we explored trendy 'hoods like West Queen West and Trinity-Bellwoods and were pleased to see that there wasn't a restrictive or trying-too-hard ensemble in sight. From wide-legged trousers with sneakers to billowy, shoulder-baring blouses, the outfits ahead show exactly how laid-back chic is done.