Tonchi at Home, Ditto Gets Enhanced, and the Fashion Freelancing Superfreak

pmlinks0615The Selby brings you into the understated abode of the T's Stefano Tonchi (The Selby)
We don't know who the Fashion Freelancer on the Prowl is, but we do know that she needs a very long, very cold shower. Give us your hints below. (Daily Intel)
"It was like a divorce. I was bereft. But I have done a lot of work on myself and I am through it."—Tom Ford on his breakup with Gucci. (My Fashion Life)
Speaking of divorce, Brant Publications, the parent company of Interview is suing the recently departed editor Glenn O'Brien. This one just keeps getting nastier. (WWD)
Would you believe that Love's Photoshop department added fat to cover girl Beth Ditto? (The Cut)
Dov Charney wants Middle America to, "bring the sensual to the foreground." (Gawker)

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