Peep The Winners Of The 2011 Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Throwdown!

And the winners of the esteemed Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest (put on by Cheap Chic Weddings) are in! Drumroll, please... The first prize of $1,000 went to a gal from Michigan who crafted her strapless stunner (um, it’s all relative!) out of four rolls of TP and even created some delicate rosettes and feathers out of the white stuff. The $500 runner-up trophy went to the Bay Area’s own Laura Lee from Milpitas who went hard on the ruffles and spiced up her Napa-appropriate gown with a super-flattering sweetheart neckline. Also: An ill-advised headpiece. And the third place winner of $250, who was actually number one in our book, went absolutely cray-cray with the toilet paper, using 20 rolls and creating something that, although we’re not sure we’d wear, has a sort of McQueen-esque element to it, no? Let us know your fave in the comments below.

Third place winner Cynthia Richards in her TP gown. Photo: Cheap Chic Weddings

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