5 Things To Know This AM — Dec 15 2011

So sweet, we have to go back for seconds; the next batch of Versace for H&M must-haves arrive and they are tutti-frutti. Literally. (Elle)
We're not sure whether it's the januty, child-like drawings or the fact that we're hungry and it looks like a potato, but this "Caveman iPhone" is super cute. (Kottke)
Rawr! Two of our fashion favorites, Tim Gunn and Lady Gaga, are having a little tiff about, well, it doesn't really matter. We've just never been this at a loss when it comes to choosing sides. Don't fight, guys — it breaks our hearts. (Hint Blog)
Say it isn't so! We love your gorgeous wedding dresses, Vera, and are thrilled that you're starting to design stuff for grooms. But do they have to be manufactured by the same peeps who make The Situation's tuxes? Really? (Fashionista)
If you don't like scarves, earmuffs, hats with earflaps, or hats that you can pull down over your ears, you can always get the tops of your ears their own little knit caps. Spoiler alert: The rest of your ears will still be cold. (The Frisky)

Photo: Via Elle

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