Ticketing Fashion Week, D-Listers, and Maddening Crowds at PPQ

charlotte-hoyer-r29aAs Julia Frakes discovers, Charlotte Høyer likes her candy. (Paper)
Model falls are an international phenomenon. (Vogue UK)
Should designers be able to sell tickets to their shows? Odd. You'd have to pay us to sit through some of them. (Racked)
Riots! Stampedes! Shattered stemwear! People, people, it's just a PPQ show. (Fashionista)
Racked spies the D-listers at fashion week so you don't have to. (Racked)
Erin Wasson apologizes in what we can only assume was a hot way about that time she condescended to the homeless—which was also kind of hot. (The Cut)
We fucking love fucking motherfucking Deadwood style. Fucker. (Slam X Hype)
Presenting, the World's Greatest Garage Sale! (The Cut)
Project Runway breaks Fashion Week's heart. (Jezebel)

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