This Site Could Change The Online Shopping Game

Don’t get us wrong: We’ll never shy away from pulling online shopping all-nighters. But, as much as we tolerate scrolling through sites packed with 50,000-plus items — sometimes the search just wears us out.
Enter, the innovative start-up Thread, the personal online shopper and stylist you’ve been waiting for all your life. Thread is a London-based site that sources, suggests, and yes, even pairs items across a variety of sites to help make e-shopping a breeze. No more questions of “what do I wear this with” or “will it fit” — Thread’s advanced algorithm integrated with (gasp) real people are on-site to lend a hand with styling and even ordering.
According to Business of Fashion, the site covers it all from size to taste to brand preference to trends, and has already garnered some pretty hefty accolades with a round of impressive funding and support from Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz’s stylist. And, perhaps the most alluring part — it’s free. Users are simply required to fill out a survey about taste, size, and more, and then are asked to rate the looks generated to make sure the site is on track. While Thread is only available in the UK as of now, we think this personal-shopping system could heavily impact the way we browse online merch. Sign us up!
openerPhoto: Via Business Of Fashion