This Is Our Jam: Visions Of Trees, "Sirens (Novocaine)"

Let me get right to it: “Sirens (Novocaine)” deserves to be f-cking huge. Not "music blog huge," not "underground dance-party huge," not even "minor radio-play huge"—this song needs to be blasting from every passing car and rattling windows in every suburb. Before “Sirens (Novocaine),” London production duo Visions of Trees created a diverse array of trance-inspired dance music. They had a track featuring Ashanti, a remix of Witch House mainstays oOoOO, and music that recalled late-‘80s/early-‘90s club tracks like Opus III’s “It’s a Fine Day.” With “Sirens (Novocaine)” Visions of Trees take their game to another level, bottling late ‘90s R&B and Brainfeeder-esque beats, while painting in the gaps with dark rave-indebted elements; Think: A lost Aaliyah track produced by Araabmusik and you won't be far off. In a perfect world, “Sirens (Novocaine)” would be one of the biggest pop songs of the year; Maybe it could still happen.
Visions of Trees—ALBUM
"Sirens (Novocain)"
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