This Is Our Jam: Tomas Barfod, "Broken Glass"

Rarely does a song’s title so literally describe its sound, but Tomas Barfod’s “Broken Glass” does indeed sound like exactly that. Barfod is the drummer for WhoMadeWho, who’ve been making danceable Danish indie for nearly a decade. For his solo work, Barfod turns inward, leaving behind the maximal sounds of that group for intricately programmed synths and thoughtful techno. “Broken Glass” features singing contributed by WhoMadeWho bandmate Jeppe Kjellberg, made unrecognizable as it melts in the same way an image might when refracted by a warped window. Barford even samples actual breaking glass, as if to illustrate that a human voice can only be bent so far. The track is paired with a nicely shot video starring a young woman lazing about a warmly lit room, before things take a turn for the extreme.
Tomas Barfod—Salton Sea
"Broken Glass"
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