This Is Our Jam: The Rapture, "How Deep Is Your Love?"

Before new genres sprang from the far reaches of the Internet like weeds only to die within days of their inception, dance-punk felt like it could change the arena of indie forever. And it sort of did: As weird as it sounds, pre-The Rapture, !!!, and LCD Soundsystem, hipsters didn’t really get their grooves on. Now, The Rapture is back with their first single in five years, and with it, something of their original zeitgeist has returned. “How Deep Is Your Love?” is a seven-minute house jam that sheds the angular post-punk guitars of past releases and embraces dance music head-on. That The Rapture are able to out-boogie the Bee Gees (who have a ballad with the same name) says a lot. “How Deep Is Your Love?” first appeared on DFA’s White Out Sessions , which feels apt for two reasons: (A) Because it emphasized that The Rapture is back on their original label, and (B) The minimal video distilled The Rapture's ethos perfectly (disco lights and dance grooves). They may have been gone for five years, but while listening to “How Deep Is Your Love?,” it’s hard to imagine that The Rapture had ever left the dance floor. (The Fader)
The Rapture—In the Grace of Your Love
"How Deep Is Your Love? "
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