This Is Our Jam: Sun Sister, "Growing Ur Hair Out"

From the title of their upcoming EP (Rich American White Kidz) to the name of their only available song (“Growing Ur Hair Out”), Fitchburg, Massachusetts’ Sun Sister don’t ask to be taken too seriously. That is, until you listen to their music, which is loose, hook-filled, garage pop at its best.
“Growing Ur Hair Out” is a psychedelic patchwork of sun-baked harmonies and self-conscious, naively druggy lyrics (“Hey sketch what u doin by the sidewalk / Score junk hang around and get girls?"). It’s a winning combination that recalls both Woods’ Luddite lo-fi and the bratty sneer of fellow Massachusetts indie-pop band Dom. According to the band, all four members are astrology school dropouts — not a bad decision with Sun Sister rising in the house of awesome.
Sun Sister—Rich American White Kidz
"Growing Ur Hair Out"
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