This Is Our Jam: Nite Jewel, "One Second Of Love"

Back in 2008, Nite Jewel (aka Ramona Gonzalez) came on the scene sounding a lot like the other smokey, new-disco acts on the Italians Do It Better roster. Her songs were often gorgeous (see: “We Want Our Things”), but Gonzalez was content to let her voice simmer underneath the vaseline-smeared atmosphere while she served as a vicarious guide through clandestine clubs and underground lounges.
With “One Second of Love,” the title track on her new album, Nite Jewel clears away the fog and trades ambiance for definition. Combining new-wave synth stabs and a dancefloor-ready rhythm, the track turns up the heat considerably. While in the past, Gonzalez used her voice as one aspect contributing to the overall mood of a track, the sparse production on “One Second of Love” puts her distinctly in the spotlight. With “One Second of Love,” Nite Jewel is more pop, more glitz, and — most importantly — more fun.
Nite Jewel—One Second of Love
"One Second of Love"
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