This Is Our Jam: Moonlight Bride, "Lemonade"

Chattanooga, Tennessee isn’t exactly known as a hotbed for indie rock, but that only works to Moonlight Bride’s advantage. The story of life in a small town has been part of rock-‘n'-roll since since the beginning, and the open road is often just one more van-payment away. With Moonlight Bride’s “Lemonade,” you can imagine lead-singer Justin Giles wandering a townie-filled party, bored and restless as he chucks empty beer cans off the back porch. “This kids are drunk and don’t like guitars,” he laments, embodying ‘90s slacker heroes like Modest Mouse and Hum. Anything is possible, but Giles can’t do it alone, and “I’m not sure if everybody’s down” is the ultimate caveat. As "Lemonade" ends over a soaring refrain, Moonlight Bride come to an understanding: “They won’t always be around.” We're down if you are, dude.
Moonlight Bride—Twin Lakes EP
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