This Is Our Jam: Little Kid, "You Might Not Be Right"

There are those bands that make lo-fi recordings from the need to dress their music in shabby garments to hide the malnourished centers of their songs. And there are bands, like The Mountain Goats during their 4-trak heyday, who take low fidelity as a means to lay their songs completely bare of non-essentials. Little Kid takes this second route; “You Might Not Be Right” sounds like the bleached bones of a power-pop anthem scattered across a wind-wracked heather. Lilting guitar fills the crackling space between choruses that could be called “huge” if they were recorded any other way. “You Might Not Be Right” may only be a skeleton, but all the right pieces are there, and—most importantly—there’s heart among the bones.
The tape, Logic Songs, is available for free download here and is more than worth a listen. (c/o International Tapes)
Little Kid—Logic Songs
"You Might Not Be Right"
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