This Is Our Jam: Light Asylum, “A Certain Person”

In 1988, an unknown artist named Q Lazzarus released a one hit wonder called “Goodbye Horses.” The song would go on to become a sensation three years later when it appeared in that scene in Silence of the Lambs where Buffalo Bill tucks back his junk and prances around the house. Bizarre associations aside, “Goodbye Horses” was an empowering electro anthem that showcased one of the more unique voices of the ‘80s. Brooklyn’s
Light Asylum
has tapped into that same energy with “A Certain Person.” Lead singer Shannon Funchess’ deep and powerful emoting comes from the same place; She is both melancholic goth and triumphant pop diva. Funchess is also often compared to Grace Jones, whose intensity and attitude she seems to channel, and whose look she has obviously been inspired by. Hopefully it's a legacy more like Grace Jones’ than Q Lazzarus that Light Asylum will come to embody.


Light Asylum—In Tension EP
" Certain Person"

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