This Is Our Jam: Ford & Lopatin, “Planet Party”

Ford & Lopatin
make the musical equivalent of Barry Gordy’s 1985 kung fu blaxploitation epic The Last Dragon—a movie that perfectly epitomizes '80s cheeseball goofyness. The Last Dragon tells the story of young Bruce Leroy as he fights to defeat the Shogun of Harlem in order to possess the mystical Power of the Glow. Like Barry Gordy, Ford & Lopatin throw everything they have in your face and come off all the better for it. “Planet Party” is only two minutes and forty-six seconds long, but packs enough punch to soundtrack The Last Dragon twice over. Ironically, the duo recently changed their name from Games, which may have been a moniker too apropos for a group that plays like a video arcade being struck by lightening. No matter what they’re called, one thing is certain: Ford & Lopatin possess the Power of the Glow.


Ford & Lopatin (formerly Games)—That We Can Play EP
"Planet Party"

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