This Is Our Jam: Dent May, "Fun"

If you had to rate the seasons by how "deep" they were, summer would probably rank as the shallowest time of the calendar year. Spring and fall deal with change, rebirth, and other generally evanescent concepts, while winter is cause for weighty introspection. Summer is defined by its opposition to these feelings. Not that this is a bad thing—who wants complexity when you can just head to the beach? Dent May seems to understand this perfectly well. "Fun" is immediately disarming in its lack of any discernible irony. When Dent May sings, "I'm so glad we're here together / I'm so glad you’re mine," he really means it. Like Animal Collective, whose record label, Paw Tracks, is releasing the single, there's a playful immediacy to “Fun”’s syrupy harmonies, hand claps, and Smile-esque tambourine. As a wonderfully reassuring piece of summertime pop, "Fun" could not be more aptly titled.
Dent May
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