This Is Our Jam: Dash Speaks, "Monster Mash (Dash Spooks Remix)

For a holiday as reliant on partying as Halloween, it’s important to have some appropriately spooky jams to help you get freaky on the dance floor. So, in the spirit (get it?) of boOooOgie-ing down, NYC producer Dash Speaks, best known for his collaboration with Das Racist, has just dropped a vaguely dubstep-leaning version of Bobby “Boris” Pickett’s Halloween classic “Monster Mash” that will do the job nicely.
It’s spooky enough for a haunted house, dance-y enough for your costume party, and goofy enough that you can’t take it too seriously. I’m actually a little bit terrified to imagine what you will actually look like, dancing to this, but it’s Halloween — it’s supposed to be scary. As Dash says on his Soundcloud, “Enjoy it ASAP, cuz its only relevant for like five more days.”
Dash Speaks
"Monster Mash (Dash Spooks Remix)"
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