This Is Our Jam: Daniel Rossen, "Saint Nothing"

Over the years Grizzly Bear and Department of Eagles member Daniel Rossen has helped craft some of the most atmospherically lush arrangements in indie rock. His solo-venture continues this tradition with the release of “Saint Nothing,” the first single from his forthcoming Silent Hour / Golden Mile EP. Yet, while Grizzly Bear deals in baroque pop and girl-group harmonies, and Department of Eagles toy with all manner of pop tropes, “Saint Nothing” sees Rossen dialing things back. As he croons, first over spare piano, then joined by brassy orchestral drones, Rossen takes his ear for texture to a more restrained and emotionally bare place. “Saint Nothing” is certainly a deft exercise in atmosphere, but more importantly, it’s a beautiful listen.
Daniel Rossen—Silent Hour/Golden Mile EP
"Saint Nothing"
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