This Is Our Jam: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., "Simple Girl"

Just hearing the name Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. might be cause to assume the band is some some sort of parody act or left-field experimental one-off. Yet, behind the goofy moniker lies a band with a wonderfully sweet and catchy indie-rock sensibility. “Simple Girl,” unlike the name of the band, could not be more literally titled. The band whistles and harmonizes playfully as they describe the simple girl in question (“She won’t lever let you meet her family, but she’ll show you pictures”) with a chorus that da-da-dahs along infectiously, light as air. The beautiful fan-made video below follows said girl (a real-life fan of the band herself) as she explores L.A., frolicks on the beach, watches skateboarders, and does other wistfully simple things. For the middle of summer, and a three-day weekend, there’s really nothing more appropriate. Now, get out and enjoy some simple pleasures of your own!
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.—It’s a Corporate World
"Simple Girl "
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