This Is Our Jam: Cults, "Abducted"

Phil Spector's girl-group productions were known for their bright harmonies and Wall of Sound production, yet there was often darkness and melancholy underneath the glitter and glamour. While Cults ’ “Abducted” is certainly less dour than, say, The Crystals’ “He Hit Me (It Felt Like a Kiss),” the song takes its cues from a similarly desperate sentiment; Sonically, "Abducted" could not be more infectious indie pop, but the refrain “He tore me apart ‘cause I really loved him” hits a raw nerve that belies the catchy melody. When male vocals chime in, “I knew right then that I’d never love her,” we realize the story being told here is hopelessly one-sided and all the more bleak. Like The Ronettes and The Cystals before them, Cults use this dichotomy to elevate "Abducted" to a truly classic pop number.
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