This Is Our Jam: Cold Cave, "The Great Pan Is Dead"

While Cold Cave obviously hold dear '80s goth touchstones like the Cure, New Order, and Bauhaus, there is a level of intensity bursting from “The Great Pan is Dead” that propels the song beyond the self-conscious restraint of their influences. A gleeful exuberance bursts from Wesley Eisold’s vocals that Robert Smith’s pouty posturing just wouldn’t allow. The genre can be earnest to a fault, but lyrics that appear to be written by the goth kids on South Park (“Tell me when the world is ending / You won't be there still pretending / I was just someone you would love to love”) just add to the overall prodigiousness gushing from “The Great Pan is Dead.” Cold Cave are maximalists, and it’s great fun to hear goth music that really goes for it.
Cold Cave —Cherish The Light Years
"The Great Pan is Dead "
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