This Is Our Jam: Class Actress, “Keep You”

When we interviewed Class Actress' Elizabeth Harper at SXSW, she shared an illuminating philosophy: “Sometimes you have to make glamour happen in the most unglamorous places.” Of course, this statement was more about her fashion sense than her music, but she could have been talking about almost anything—the supermarket, the workplace...or the arena of pop music itself. Pop is often shiny and sleek, but rarely has enough weight to be called "glamourous." Yet, Class Actress views pop the same way she sees fashion, creating dynamism where there might have been redundancy. “Keep You” is a percussive electro track that balances the natural warmth of Harper’s voice with buzzing dance-floor-facing synth. Her voice is the clear driving force, with her sultry emoting maintaining the center of attention. “Keep You” is forceful, hook-filled pop that is also, indeed, glamorous.

Class Actress
"Keep You"

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