This Is Our Jam: Cass McCombs, "The Lonely Doll'

I remember coming home from college for the first time and seeing my room stripped of the posters and trophies that had decorated it through my adolescence. It wasn’t a surprise that my room would become the guestroom, yet the bare walls still still gave off a feeling of loss. Cass McCombs swaddles “The Lonely Doll" in a similar feeling of nostalgic melancholy. The song is a lullaby that swims with bourbon-soaked monotony, lambent sunshine, and wistful Americana. The lyrics form a cut-and-paste reverie that conjures a failed relationship and empty home. While looking at the newly painted environment that was once was my room, it was impossible to place exactly where each poster had hung. Cass McCombs’ attempt to reconstruct what he has lost has the same quiet futility. (Pitchfork)
Cass McCombs—WIT’S END
"The Lonely Doll"
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