This Is Our Jam: Air France, "It Feels Good To Be Around You"

When Air France released No Way Down in 2008, I had no idea how long its shelf-life would be. Three years later, that record has become the soundtrack to countless summer days, with its six light-as-air tracks having revealed themselves as a high-water mark for Swedish balearic pop. So, even as the genre becomes ever-more crowded (see: jj, ceo, Delorean), a new Air France track is something to get very excited about.
“It Feels Good To Be Around You,” sounds just like Air France should with steel drums and breezy synths supporting chopped-up, bittersweet vocals. This time around, the duo has enlisted U.K. electronic artist Star Slinger for help with the mixing, surrounding the arrangement with hazy AM-radio static. With music that sounds this effortless, you’d think Air France could release it more often, but I guess we’ll have to take what we can get: In this case, it's perfectly arranged, infinitely re-listenable pop music.
Air France
"It Feels Good To Be Around You"
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