All American High School Film Festival
Watch 2 Girls Take On Sexism In This Spoken Word Video

A finalist of the All American High School Film Festival for directing makes a short film under the theme "2020"

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For this year's All-American High School Film Festival, we asked young female filmmakers to create short films around the theme "2020" — referring to both the idea that hindsight is 20/20, as well as the next presidential election.

This Is 2017

Name: Rae Kanoa
Age: 17
Director's Statement: "'If you are not angry, you are not paying attention.' I created my video with this exact idea in mind. My writers and performers, Angela Yang and Katherine Tsai performed a similar poetry piece at a event at school. Immediately, I knew that I had to take their words and immortalize them in a video, I wanted everyone — men and women alike — to be as moved by these words as I have been. I created this video to force people to pay attention — force them to get angry. I have a large presence on social media and YouTube and using my voice to speak up about issues like gender inequality is extremely important to me, as well as to Angela and Katherine, who wanted to say, 'We are super grateful for the opportunity to be a voice for those who are unable to speak up, and we hope to inspire others to take action.' It’s almost 2018 and the inequalities women (and men!) that are discussed in this video still exist today. We need to make a change. It’s on us to end gender norms."
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This Is 2017 Rae Kanoa Film Festival FinalistReleased on October 12, 2017

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