All American High School Film Festival
This 17-Year-Old Teenager Is Reminding Us Why We're Still Fighting

A finalist of the All American High School Film Festival for directing a short film under the theme "2020"

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For this year's All-American High School Film Festival, we asked young female filmmakers to create short films around the theme "2020" — referring to both the idea that hindsight is 20/20, as well as the next presidential election.

The Ongoing List

Name: Marguerite (Maggy) Wolanske
Age: 17
Director's Statement: "The Ongoing List was produced to emphasize the issue of how women need to be heard in our society, specifically regarding gender equality. This piece uses a typewriter to write out the facts of how long women had to endure before change was made. Each right reminds our generation that there was a wait and fight for women to be heard. The audio in the piece is taken from influential women speakers in our era and how they are encouraging the public. Furthermore, the piece serves as a reminder that women should continue fighting ever day to ignite change."
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Gender Equality 2017 Film Festival Finalist MargueriteReleased on October 12, 2017

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