The Top Money-Making Tourist Spots In San Francisco

The San Francisco Business Times put out an interesting report yesterday, listing the top-seven paid tourist attractions in the city. And while we would have sworn Ghirardelli Square or Boudin Bakery would be up near the top, the reality (or the reality according to the S.F. Business Times) is actually somewhat surprising. San Francisco Cable Cars ranked in at number one, followed by the San Francisco Giants, California Academy of Sciences, Alcatraz Cruises, the Oakland Athletics, Alcatraz Island, and the Golden State Warriors rounding out the top seven. Hmmm... We’re thinking these results are a little off, especially since it’s quite hard to distinguish between paid local visitors and paid tourist visitors (which might explain why all those professional sports venues rank so high). In any case, it got us thinking about activities that are actually worth shelling out for when you're in charge of entertaining out-of-town guests. Let us know your top tourist spots in the comments below, and perhaps we'll whip up our own little list.

Photo: Flickr

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