The Thaw

Warm up with our top tracks for spring—downloadable, just for you. Drawing by Amelia Bauer
Top down and volume up. Consider our new spring play-list the aural equivalent of that first sunny day when everyone is sporting their newest warm-weather finery or maybe showing a little more skin. If it isn't, we at least hope these fourteen songs will inspire similar joyous, spontaneous behavior. Note: Our spring play-list is best listened to outdoors...preferably on a hammock.
feist_thaw 01. Feist—The Reminder
"So Sorry" [MP3]
Feist might be drop-dead gorgeous, but we are more surprised that we are loving her new album The Reminder so much since first time around we penned her unfairly as bland adult contemporary. We were wrong Feist. You rule, and we love you for life now. Buy this album
papercuts_feat 02. Papercuts—Can't Go Back
"John Brown" [MP3]
People have been talking about the Papercuts for good reason. Their recent album is going to be the spring album to prompt you to dust off your porch and enjoy with a pitcher of juleps. Buy this album
beachhouse_feat 03. Beach House—Beach House
"Master of None" [MP3]
We can't wait to go back to our Beach House and bring along this record, which is so aptly named. This is summertime nap music at its best with sand still stuck between your toes. Bliss. Buy this album
pandabear_feat 04. Panda Bear—Person Pitch
"Bro's" [MP3]
Panda Bear now lives in Lisbon and it shows. His latest in our eyes eclipses his more famous work with his other group, Animal Collective. Another sun-shiny track that feels like Brian Wilson raised in Oporto. Buy this album
laura_feat05. Laura Veirs—Saltbreakers
"Don't Lose Yourself" [MP3]
Raspy and earnest like a librarian 2007 Liz Phair, Laura Veirs confesses all and keeps you singing along with perfectly constructed pop gems. You may not know much about her, but that's all bound to change come this spring with the arrival of her new album. Buy this album
projectors_feat 06. Dirty Projectors—The Getty Address
"Jolly Jolly Jolly Ego" [MP3]
The Dirty Projectors are the most innovative fresh band out there right now. This song, while not new will blow you away. See them live. This is the music of the future. Buy this album
goodbadqueen_feat 07. The Good, the Bad, and the Queen—S/T
"Kingdom of Doom" [MP3]
Blur's Damon Albarn has eschewed the gimmicky cartoon-hop of the Gorillaz for a new band with an even worse name. All that aside, with the addition of legendary Nigerian drummer Tony Allen, Albarn is writing melodic songs about London that stand up to his best work from the '90s. Buy this album
clientele_feat 08. Clientele—God Save the Clientele
"Bookshop Casanova" [MP3]
Something happened to the Clientele. They seem to have come down with a little disco fever because this song is the most "up" we've ever heard them and we love it. Proceed to shake and shimmy. Buy this album
blonde_feat 09. Blonde Redhead—23
"23" [MP3]
We thought Blonde Redhead was sort of over in that late '90s band that can't seem to do anything not late '90s anymore. Yet their new album is the finest we've heard from them in years. Absolutely fantastic stuff. Buy this album
fieldmusic_feat 10. Field Music—Tones of Town
"Give it Lose it Take it" [MP3]
Angular British guitar music with a danceable beat? Snooze. As if there isn't enough of that these days. Why don't all the arctic kooks take a lesson from these chaps, because this is where it's at if you are looking for interesting, catchy, singular Brit-pop. Buy this album
electrelane_feat 11. Electrelane—No Shouts No Calls
"The Greater Times" [MP3]
Electrelane will own the spring. All female, all amazing, all-the-time. Recently given the indie-royalty duty of opening for the Arcade Fire, it's no wonder the monster that is Arcade Fire chose them. They are doing their own thing and doing it so well. Dance, sing along, and develop unhealthy crushes on all four of them, now. Buy this album
battles_feat 12. Battles—Mirrored
"Atlas" [MP3]
This track is a foot stomper, with distorted vocals, relentless guitar riffs and an unnerving but addictive quality. Coming out on Warp Records this spring we know this album is going to destroy, in a good way. Buy this album
klaxons_feat 13. Klaxons—Myths of the Near Future
"Golden Skans" [MP3]
We usually stay away from hype bands with an unbridled, undying passion, and so it took us a while to listen to the Klaxons and their "new-rave," and, well, we love it. If we had a magazine, we'd give them the cover. Buy this album
LCD_feat 14. LCD Soundsystem—Sound of Silver
"Get Innocuous" [MP3]
LCD Soundsystem dude-about-town James Murphy is the only person thus far to take this dance-punk thing and actually make a career out of it. His latest album is incredible—a shape-shifting whole that shines a light on his various musical influences while making music that is innovative and still fun. Buy this album
All MP3s are for sampling purposes only. Please go out and buy the artists' records. If anyone would like for us to remove a track, please email us at
Warm up with our top tracks for spring—downloadable, just for you.

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