We Got You 15% Off The Sill’s Newest Pet-Friendly Plants

Just this morning, the tried & true online plant nursery, The Sill, inducted a new eclectic class of non-toxic sprouts to its pet-friendly plant collection. While house plants are often beloved parts of our homes, our furry friends don't always feel the same way. That's because, according to The Sill's experts, plants can actually secrete "secondary plant metabolites" as a form of self-defense, leaving our naive furry friends sick for days. The Sill has long offered pet-friendly plants to avoid such a catastrophe, and their expanded offerings are a welcome sight for pets and pet lovers alike.
These unique orange orchids, tricolor peperomias, purple waffle plants, and more never-before-seen buds prove you don't have compromise looks when it comes to making a pet-friendly space. What's even better? We scored you the exclusive discount code, Refinery29, for 15% off sitewide from now through September 30. (One use per customer. Applicable to full-priced products only. Cannot be applied to limited-edition collaborations, third-party products, subscriptions, and gift cards.) If you're looking for some stunning plant pals that will graciously leave your pet unscathed after a curious nibble, then you're in luck. Read on below and find the perfect new addition to your extra-lively living space.

Parlor Palm $67 $56.95

We love the Parlor Palm for its pet-friendly attributes, but also for its refreshing tropical vibes and low-maintenance care. It's an excellent addition to your space if things have been feeling a tad stuffy lately or you're in need of some lively decor. For the perfect palm, place it in medium to bright indirect light and water every one to two weeks.

Peperomia Ginny $44 $37.40

For color enthusiasts and small houseplant-lovers alike, this simple tricolor treasure is your new best bud. Despite its thick fleshy leaves and exotic flair, the Peperomia Ginny is considered an easy-going houseplant — place it in bright to medium indirect sunlight and give it a drink every one to two weeks (make sure the soil dries out between waterings).
If you and your pet share a smaller space in need of a pop of color, say hello to the Disney princesses of houseplants, the Snow White Waffle plant. Named after the popular breakfast item for its unique texture, this purple, metallic-tinted sprout is one of the most eye-catching on this list. To keep it looking healthy, place in medium to bright indirect sunlight and water weekly before the soil completely dries out.
Known as the "beginner-friendly Orchid", this non-toxic flowering plant was made for busy pet parents. For about three months out of the year, your Petite Orange Orchid will showcase its mellow orange hues and be great scenery for snapping pics of your furry friend. For best results, keep it in indirect sunlight and water weekly.

Bird's Nest Fern $46 $39.10

Similar to the Parlor Palm, the Bird's Nest Fern is here to add a vibrant tropical touch to your home all year long. To keep its green hues extra bright and its scriggly fronds healthy, leave your fern in a humid environment with bright to low indirect sunlight and water once a week. When it comes to ferns, this is the least fickle of the bunch by far.
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